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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Along Other Lines (5)

This is the final post for February and features a fine shot of the stricken 'Royal Scot' class, 4-6-0, 46115 Scots Guardsman, on Chat Moss on Saturday, 13th February, 2010. The shot is another gem from Glenn Oakley who made his blog debut in the previous post. The pic shows a close up of the locomotive haemorrhaging steam from a damaged inside cylinder. For more details, look back at the February 16th post.
Incidentally, Glenn keeps us entertained at Winwick with his own voice recordings, which he plays in his car. He sings and records songs at home: great artists such as Matt Monro and Frank Sinatra are among his favourites.

Keith Heller

For this post we welcome another newcomer to our blog, Glenn Oakley. You may have seen him at Winwick, mostly on Fridays, photographing trains and tracking/spotting aircraft with a sophisticated piece of kit in his car boot. His pic is of class 67, 67018, Keith Heller recently re-painted by DBS in red livery with a giant maple leaf on the side of the locomotive. The latter was named in honour of the retiring Canadian CEO of DBS, at a special ceremony at York on 16th January, 2010. In the pic the locomotive (formerly named Rapid) is heading a rake of cargo vans through Winwick on Friday, 12th February, 2010.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

More Faces

In pouring rain on Friday, February 26th, at Winwick two more enthusiasts were photographed - John Lockett (l) and John Smith (r). Together, they have an encyclopaedia-like knowledge of the railway scene and are equally 'savvy' on aeroplanes.

Also today, on the right, I have put together a slide show of all the pics placed on the blog to date. To see the show just click on a pic. The full instructions for use, if you are unfamiliar with Picasa slideshows, are posted beneath the slideshow on the right hand side of the blog.
Very few comments have been added to the posts to date. The comments box at the base of each post is active when 'clicked' - a pop-up box appears for 'appropriate' (please) comments.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Along Other Lines (4) - Cromwell and Lamiel

Following on from my request in the previous post for pics of the 'King Arthur' class 4-6-0 30777 Sir Lamiel and 'Britannia' class 4-6-2 Oliver Cromwell, Ken Young has sent in the attached pic. It was taken "heading south towards the Mersey on the main line at Bank Quay". The date of course was Monday February 22nd. Anyone else with pics please send them in.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sunshine and Wind

Yesterday, February 22nd, 'King Arthur 'class 4-6-0, 30777, Sir Lamiel and BR 'Britannia' class 4-6-2, 70013, Oliver Cromwell with support coach, travelled south through Winwick at 10.14hrs. Both locomotives had taken part in the East Lancs Railway Steam Gala over the previous weekend and were on passage to Tyseley. Many photographers gathered at Winwick in superb sunshine but were thwarted by a powerful crosswind and exhaust of volcanic proportions. The huge exhaust canopy meant that the locos were in shadow for most of the time they were in view. To make things worse Sir Lamiel was also smothered in wind-blown exhaust for most of the time. Did anyone get decent shots either at Winwick or elswhere, nearby? If so send them in to the email address above, The driver/fireman of Oliver Cromwell was noted taking photographs of the Winwick enthusiasts as he powered past.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Along Other Lines (3)

A third posting under this heading (lines 'in proximity' to the Winwick line) comes from Ken Young again. Bank Quay is one of his favourite locations and the first excellent pic shows the new class 70, 70006, working empty coal wagons from Fiddler's Ferry to Liverpoool Docks. The date/place was 20th January 2010 on the Bank Quay low level line.

Ken's second pic features class 86, 86701 Orion at Bank Quay Station on 31st January 2010. The locomotive was heading Royal Mail emu's.

We certainly have some fine photographers in our group so please, all of you, keep the pics/info coming in and share them with your fellow enthusiasts. My email address is at the top of the blog.

Friday, 19 February 2010


Today (February 19th) I thought it was about time that we featured some of the Winwick faithful on our blog. I have appended a pic of four such devotees - frozen to the bone - taken on 'the bench' on Wednesday (February 17th). They are l to r: Ken Saunders, Jim Patterson, Ray Whitfield and John Baxter.

I also add info from John Smith about the nearby locations and times for steam locos, 30777 and 70013, scheduled for Monday, February 22nd.
Newton-le-Willows 09.35hrs
Earlestown (platform 5) 09.37hrs
Winwick Junction 09.40hrs
Dallam Junction 09.43 hrs
Warrington Bank Quay (platform 2) 09.45hrs

For those of you who remember Iain Henshaw, he visited us at Winwick today (February 19th). He was one of the regulars a few years ago but moved to Benavie, near Fort William. Iain and his wife Glenys now run a B & B in this glorious scenery. They have a website at for those of you who may fancy a ride on 'The Jacobite' or a climb up Ben Nevis. If nobody objects, I will add the website to our links, later.

Ken Saunders has also sent in a report of a couple of class 31's through Winwick yesterday afternoon (February 18th) topping and tailing a Measurements Train with yellow liveried coaching stock. The loco's were 31459 (top) and 31601 (tail) - time was 14.00hrs. Two WCRC class 47's, 47786 and 47804 had travelled south, light engine double headed, seven minutes earlier. Not a bad seven minutes, Ken.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Along Other Lines (2)

The second post under this heading features a fantastic shot by Geoff Monks. The Fowler/Stanier re-built 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0 locomotive 46115, Scots Guardsman, is pictured heading a repeat 'Cotton Mill Express' through Parkside East Junction on Saturday February 13th 2010. Unfortunately the locomotive failed at Chat Moss, the second time that this Railway Touring Company's Special had failed to deliver - the original run was aborted on January 30th. Later, the train was hauled into Manchester Victoria by the WCRC's class 47 locomotive, 47760, from where passengers made their way home. From scanning the Internet it appears that the locomotive suffered a "serious failure involving the inside motion and cylinder".

Continuing with this post the next two pics are by a new contributor, Ken Young. Ken is a regular at Winwick and Bank Quay Station. Both his pics were taken at the latter location. His first, taken on February 9th 2010, shows Wrexham & Shropshire Railway Company class 67, 67012, A Shropshire Lad, working a car train from Arpley Yard on the low level line at Bank Quay. The two-tone grey and silver livery looks superb.

The second pic of Ken's is something rather different but equally interesting. The cab of EMU Mail Train class 325, 325013, is shown after a snow storm on 31st December 2009. The location is Bank Quay Station. Because of the weather the train had stopped for a change of crew. Look out for more of Ken's pics in the near future.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Along Other Lines

As you can see from the title of this post I am extending the range of the blog to include other lines which are 'in proximity' to the Winwick line. I intend to add further posts with the same title.

The first addition is from John Smith who photographed the 'A1 Locomotive Trust's' 4-6-2 No.60163, Tornado on February 5th. The Locomotive was working the Royal Train carrying Prince Charles and Lady Camilla from Preston to Manchester's Museum of Science & Industry. John was positioned on the southbound line at Parkside Junction. Thanks John - keep them coming.

The second pic is another archive gem from Eddie Bellass. A brand new, EE Type 3 diesel locomotive, D6969, is featured leaving the Vulcan Foundry in 1965. Subsequently re-numbered 37269 and 37417 the loco was put into storage by EWS in December 2008. For more info about this loco and others in class 37 go to

Anyone else with pics/info relative to other, nearby lines or with more on the Winwick line, send it/them to me (Dave) at

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Class 70

Three posts ago I asked if anyone had a pic of the new class 70, 70004, passing through Winwick last Friday (5th February) heading an engineers load. Class 66, 66603, was banking -both locos in Freightliner livery. I've had no response so I've added a pic of the event.

Also, for interest, I've added a pic of a track engineer inspecting the up slow line on the same day, as a Pendolino flashes by behind him. Note the block on the up fast line. This seems to be a temporary repair (crack?) as a few days later the block had disappeared and a new section of line had been installed to replace it.
Eddie Bellass will be forwarding more archive material shortly so look out for that. Anyone else with interesting pics, info etc about the line - past, present or future - please send it to my email address which is included in several previous posts.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Eddie Bellas photographs

I have the pleasure of adding a couple of historical photos by the well known Earlestown photographer, Eddie Bellass. Eddie successfully photographed the steam era in the 1950's and 60's. Thousands of his negatives are currently being sorted by a publisher but he has kindly found and forwarded several photographs for addition to our blog. Both the additions today (February 8th) were taken on the Winwick line in the early to mid 1960's. Click on the thumbnails and Eddie's printed legends are easily read.

The picture of 'Pocket Rocket', class 4MT, 76079, is particularly poignant to myself and my wife as it headed a 'Cotton Mill Express' Special from Manchester Victoria to Preston in April 2008, on which we were passengers. Also this loco was resident at Sutton Oak shed in my trainspotting days, just down the road from where I lived in St Helens. The locomotive was sold by Ian Riley in the summer of 2009 after serving on the East Lancs Railway. She is now giving stirling service on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. For more of Eddies's photographs vist the following website -

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Castle over Shap

Another super pic from John Smith featuring the Tyseley - Carlisle 'Castle over Shap' special from June 20th, 2009. Castle class 4-6-0 no.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe powers through Winwick heading a rake of chocolate and cream carriages. Notice the camber on that inside down line. I think I am right in saying that this was the first time that a 'Castle' class loco had conquered the famous Shap incline. Thanks John - keep sending them in.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Princess Coronation class

Several devotees gathered at Winwick yesterday (February 5th) to photograph the new class 70, 70004, heading an engineers train southbound at 13.34hrs. Freightliner class 66, 66603, was banking. Anyone with a pic for the blog? Both locos were in excellent condition. The same train had passed northbound during the morning.
The morning before the new A1 Tornado plus support coach had passed through on the way to Preston to pick up HRH Prince Charles and bring him south to Manchester. Anyone with a pic at Winwick?
The pic I've posted is of a class 7P, 46250, City of Lichfield taken at Winwick Quay sometime before electrification of the line. The photographer was A. Chester but the print was forwarded by Ken Young at the gathering on February 5th. Any more historical info/pics etc. my email address is

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Bird Man

If you go to Winwick on a regular basis you must have met this man. He knows you all. He is extremely knowledgable about the local railway scene and the most friendly guy you could wish to meet. His car boot is an 'Alladin's Cave' of railway information, photographs and wild bird food. The latter includes fat balls and peanut feeders which he hangs on trees, and mealworms which he places on fence posts. Recognise him?
His name is Ray Whitfield but everyone knows him as Ray - hardly anyone knows his surname. He can be seen feeding his feathered friends almost every day.
Ray is pictured hanging a fat ball to a hawthorn tree today, February 5th, but I have also added a pic of two of his very grateful friends, a robin and a blue tit.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

John Harrison

For those of you interested in railway art, the Guild of Railway Artists includes, among its membership, a superb water colourist who I believe is local to our area of the North West. John Harrison has won several awards in GRA annual competitions and two of his paintings feature the main line at Winwick. The paintings are called 'Winwick Junction' and 'Winter Snow' - they reflect scenes from 1960 and 1962 respectively. They can be found on the GRA website at under the 'Art Gallery' heading.

Any information about John from anyone out there would be welcome.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Summer 2009

Geoff Monks has sent a superb pic of a class 66/7 taken in summer, 2009; remember, that was when the locos were clean. GBRf 66723 heads a Laira - Kilmarnock stock move on July 29th.
Geoff's second pic is of class 66, 66094, heading the Arpley - Gladstone Dock steel train in the first snowfall of the winter, on December 23rd, 2009. Thanks Geoff, keep them coming.
Can anyone add details of future locos, trains, maintenance work etc.
Historical postings are very welcome. My email address can be found within the first "Welcome" posting.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Help! This is a special request to anyone interested in the line at Winwick - have you any old photos/slides or info from the 1960's, 70's or 80's. I would like to add some historical material to the blog. I'm sure someone must be able to help - I can easily use text, copy photos or scan slides. Let me know by email and we can arrange to meet.

Class 59

Several of the Winwick regulars turned up on Friday January 29th 2010 to photograph the class 59, 59201, on steel train duty. It travelled north on the slow line (to the steel terminal at Liverpool Docks) with a load of two at 12.34. It returned with a load of ten empties on the same line, at 15.57. A pic is included but does anyone know the origin of the bell?. John Smith has a pic of 59001 also sporting a bell.
I have added a pic of John's taken in the snow, also in January - class 66, 66137, heading cargo vans on an Arpley - Blackburn run.

Anyone with info/pics etc., to post - my email address is on the first, "Welcome" posting