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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Pics from the Barnetby Area

Barnetby is a popular location for railway photography and in today's post, 28th April 2018, we have six contributions from the area. The village is featured several times on the blog so just input Barnetby in the search box to the right, for further previous pics. According to WIKIpedia "Barnetby railway station serves the village of Barnetby-le-Wold in North Lincolnshire, England. It is operated by TransPennine Express, with East Midlands Trains and Northern also serving the station. Barnetby.... is unstaffed and popular with railway enthusiasts for the freight which passes through". New Barnetby is roughly 2 miles to the east.
The complete post comprises 24 images from 4 contributors.


The first six pics are from Geoff Monks, all taken in the aforementioned area. The date for all was 5th April 2018. 

His first was taken at New Barnetby and features DB class 60, 60019 Port of Grimsby & immingham, on a Kingsbury (Birmingham) - Lindsey Oil Refinery empty oil working.

Pic number two shows Freightliner class 66, 66560 at Knabb's Bridge (between Barnetby and New Barnetby), on a Scunthorpe - Immingham empty iron ore working.

Geoff's third shot depicts Freightliner class 66, 66616 at Knabb's Bridge, on an Immingham - Scunthorpe loaded iron ore working.

Next is DB class 60, 60017 on a Humber Oil Refinery - Kinsbury loaded oil working, also taken at Knabb's bridge.

Knabb's Bridge is again the location for the next shot showing GBRf class 66, 66704 Colchester Power Signal Box, working a loaded coal train, from Immingham to Cottam Power Station.

Colas Rail class 67, 67027 (67023 Stella on the tail) is featured next on a Derby-based NRTT entering Barnetby Station from Cleethorpes, whilst covering lines in North Lincolnshire and Yorkshire on the same day.

The following four shots have been sent in by Bevan Price. Pic number one was taken at Hebden Bridge on 5th April 2018. Two Colas Rail class 56 locos, 56078 and 56113 are pictured with a Preston Docks - Linsey tanks working.

Next is DB (EWS livery) class 66, 66167, heading a Wilton - Knowsley empty 'binliner' working, on 5th April 2018. The location was Hall Royd Junction (Todmorden).

The third shot from Bevan was taken at the same location, on the same date as 66167, above. Depicted is GBRf class 66, 66711 Sence, in Aggregate Industries livery, with a LBT - Drax P.S. biomass working.

Bevan's fourth and final shot was taken at Winsford on14th April 2018. Featured is DB (EWS livery) class 67, 67021, heading empty Pullman stock from Runcorn to Crewe Carriage Sidings. DB class 67, 67024, is just visible on the tail. The stock had previously worked a Grand National Special from  London Victoria to Runcorn.

Next up are six pics from Jeff Nicholls. His first features a 156 unit approaching Grosmont on the NYMR, on 19th April  2018. the service was Whitby - Middlesborough. Also in the picture is ' ex BR 'Standard' class 4MT 2-6-0, No.76079, known as 'Pocket Rocket'. The loco was preparing to work a morning service from Grosmont to Whitby.

Jeff's second and third pics above show Ex LNER 'A3' class 4-6-2, No.60103 Flying Scotsman, (for loco details just use the search bar above) heading the Great Britain XI railtour. The first day schedule was Kings Cross-Scarborough (left) followed by Scarborough - York on day 2 (right). Both shots were taken at Kirkham Abbey on 19th and 20th April 2018.

A pair of electro-diesels of class 73, Nos 73966 and 73967, are pictured next having worked a Caledonian Sleeper train into Fort William. The pic is date 7th April 2018.

Pics five and six from Jeff feature the same working. This pic was taken at Levisham on 19th April 2018. Ex BR 'Standard' class '4', 2-6-4 tank No.80136, was working the passenger service from Grosmont to Pickering.

In this shot No.80136 was working in the opposite direction at Beck Hole on the same date.

The final six shots in this post are from Colin Platt, taken at the SVR gala in March. First up is a shot of the outside cylinder, class '1500' 0-6-0 pannier tank, No.1501. The class of ten were built at Swindon in 1949, for the BR Western Region. The loco is working light engine, Bewdley - Bridgnorth, on 16th April 2018.

Next is 'King' class 4-6-0, No.6023 King Edward II, in BR blue livery, working into Bewdley from Kidderminster on 16th April 2018.

The same loco is pictured again, in the snow at Eardington on 18th April 2018.

Shot number four from Colin was taken at Bewdley on 18th April 2018. Featured are three locos Nos.1501 and 6023 again, but also a loco of local interest. Built at Haydock Foundry in 1874, the 0-6-0WT Bellerophon was withdrawn from NCB service in 1964 and moved on to the K&WVR in the ownership of the Vintage Carriages Trust. She is currently running on the Foxfield Railway, often heading that railway's restored North Staffordshire Railway coaches.

Colin's fifth shot features a S.D. Holden 4-6-0 loco, No.8572, - ex GER ('S69' class) and ex LNER ('B12'  class). The location was the approach to Highley and the date, 17th April 2018. The class was built between 1911 and 1921 with the later examples being improved. The passing of the token from the single line is about to take place.

Last but not least is No.1501 again standing in a snowstorm with ex GWR Collett '14xx' class 0-4-2T locomotive No.1450 (originally No.4850) at Kidderminster on 17th April 2018.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Fifteen shots from Three Contributors

Today's post, 27 March 2018, features fifteen shots taken from throughout the north west, including Winwick.

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Bevan Price has sent in the first 6 pics. His first was shot at Bamber Bridge and shows DRS class 37s - 37069 and 37259 - with a railtour to Carlisle. The pic is dated 17 February 2018.

His next was shot at Rainford Junction on 8 March 2018. Depicted is DB class 66, 66114 with a Knowsley - Wilton 'binliner' working.

Next, the location was Ingrow (K&WVR) and the date, 13 March 2018. Pictured is Webb 'Coal Tank' No.1054 with a demonstration freight train.

The same Heritage Railway on the same date, but a different loco, is next. Ex BR 'Standard' class '7' 4-6-2, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell, is pictured approaching Oxenhope Station.

Taken on 20 March 2018, Bevan's fifth shot was taken locally at Winwick. Colas Rail class 60, 60095, is shown on an empty tanks working from Preston Docks to Long Marston.

Ex SR Bulleid 'Merchant Navy' class 4-6-2 , No.35018 British India Line, is pictured on 21 March 2018 at Winwick, with the 'Salopian Express'. The 'Special' was working Barrow-Shrewsbury. WCRC class 66, 66760, was on the rear.

Geoff Monks has sent in a similar shot from the same location, on the same date. Geoff adds that 35018 worked the Carnforth - Shrewsbury - Carnforth legs.

The following eight pics are from Jeff Nicholls. His first shows ex SR, Bulleid 'WC' class 4-6-2, No.34092 City of Wells, leaving Ramsbottom on the ELR. The passenger service was to Rawtenstall during the Spring Steam Gala.  Jeff adds that the loco lived up to its 'Volcano' nickname. The pic is dated 3 March 2018.

Next from Jeff, is the same 'Salopian Express' working, as pictured above. This one was taken at Twelve Arches, climbing out of Bank Quay. Is it the first 'MN' for Warrington?

Ex LMS Stanier 'Jubilee' class 4-6-0, No.45699 Galatea is up next, climbing Miles Platting Bank out of Manchester, with 'The Pennine Limited'. The pic is dated 3 March 2018.

The East Lancs Steam Gala was again the location for Jeff's fourth shot, taken at Summerseat on 3 March 2018. Ex LNER 'A4' class 4-6-2, No.60009 Union of South Africa, is pictured on a passenger service to Heywood.

Frodsham Viaduct was the location for Jeff's fifth shot, taken on 7 February 2018. Pictured is DB class 66, 66096 with an empty sand working from Ince and Elton to Arpley Yard.

 GBRf (in MSC livery) class 66, 66709 Sorrento, is pictured on 20 March 2018 at Culcheth, with a Drax - Liverpool empty biomass working.

Freightliner class 86, 86605 is pictured at Bank Quay on 7 February 2018, in Jeff's seventh shot. The loco is in the Down Goods Loop, having failed. The vertical format suits the picture admirably.

Jeff's last, but not least shot was taken at Newcastle Station on 15 February 2018. Depicted is East Coast Trains class 91, 91111, just arrived from Kings Cross. The loco is in a 'For the Fallen' livery reskin.

Jeff has recently sent in a 'golden oldie' taken at Winwick c1999. It is Rebuilt 'Merchant Navy' class No.35005 Canadian Pacific, in BR blue passenger livery.  Pic added to the blog on 1 April 2018.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Traction from NW, NE and London

Today's post, 26 February 2018, features sixteen pics from three contributors.
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The first eight pics are from Jeff Nicholls.  The pacer, 142 050, in his first shot is depicted at Shildon Station, on a Bishop Auckland - Saltburn service. A superb winter scene taken on 18 January 2018.

Jeff's second shot shows class 47, 47749 in Colas livery, but now owned possibly by GBRf (?), at Culcheth on 22 January 2018.It is hauling an ex LMS Inspection Saloon from the ELR to Mossend Yard.

Next is Colas class 56, 56087, towing a bogie Tarmac wagon and a 'dead' Colas class 60, 60056. The working was Carlisle - Metro Cammell, Washwood Heath. The pic is dated 25 January 2018; the location was Winwick.

A DB Class 66, 66113, still sporting EWS livery is pictured next passing through Crosfields Works on 4 January 2018. The working was Ditton - Arpley Yard.

Pic five from Jeff shows DB class 66, 66133, on an Avonmouth - Clitheroe empty cement tanks working, nearing Bank Quay on 11 January 2018.

Freightliner class 66, 66595 is up next, taken in superb lighting at Latchford Sidings, on 11 January 2018. The empty coal working was FFPS - Newport.

Taken at Frodsham Viaduct on 24 January 2018, Jeff's seventh pic features DB class 67, 67015 heading a Holyhead - Manchester passenger service.

The final pic from Jeff shows class 91 91106, entering Darlington Station on a cold, snowy day on 18 January 2018. The passenger service was Kings Cross-Edinburgh Waverley.

The next five shots are from Geoff  Monks. His first depicts Freightliner class 66, 66536, just north of Hartford Junction on a Runcorn - Brindle Heath empty 'binliner' working. The pic is dated 2 February 2018.

Next is DB class 66, 66001, photographed a short distance north of the previous picture, on the same date, heading a Halewood (Jaguar) - Southampton vehicles transporter working.

Double heading Freightliner class 86 electrics, 86627 and 86604 are up next heading a Garston - Crewe container working. The date and  location are the same as immediately above.

Pic number four from Geoff shows a class 66, in Royal Scotsman livery, on a Liverpool Biomass Terminal - Drax PS working on 2 February 2018.

Geoff's final shot was taken at Winwick on 2 February 2018. Pictured is Freightliner class 66, 66610 on a Hardendale - Tunstead working.

Mark Tombs has sent in our final three shots. His first features a Kings Cross scene from 21 February 2018. Pictured is a Virgin Trains line up of classes 43, 90 and 91.

Next, above, are two pics taken at Regents Canal, Kings Cross district, on the same date, 21 February 2018. On the left is class 395 'Javelin' 395 009 and on the right, another 'Javelin', 395 028.